Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters are so important.  But I have been pretty bad about writing them.  As a kid my Mum was constantly nagging me to do them.  When we got married, and after Mr C was born I wrote them.  But for his birthdays and Christmas I have not been very good.  I feel pretty bad about it.

Meanwhile I discovered a new tool which has taken my procrastination to a whole other level.  It's called http://pinterest.com/ and it is addictive.  But also useful.  And one of the things I discovered were ideas for crafts,  especially crafts I could do with Mr C.  So after his birthday we did some painting together.  We painted his feet, then made prints from them next to each other but swapped and after they dried I took the sharpie to them - butterflies!  A quick note inside and his Thank Yous were done.

So for Christmas we have done the same thing, but of course we needed a new design.  This time we went with hand prints and potato prints, and I was not disappointed with the results.  And this is about as early as I've ever done Christmas Thank Yous.  I hope the lovely people who were so generous to Mr C this year enjoy his work.

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