Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year New Yawn

Last year I was all about setting the bar low.  It was a pretty crap year, to be honest, though with many magical moments.  In no way do I think it would have been dramatically different if I'd just set some unrealistic resolutions, but all the same, I decided this year to go for a more pro-active, positive approach.

So here I am.  New Year's Day.
I have set MANY new year's resolutions.  I will not achieve many of them.  But I can try.  I wonder how long I'll keep up this blog... (also idly wondering how many other people started blogs today).

  • Lose some weight (I joined weight watchers online today.  Calorific intake today was high, but the Christmas sweeties will run out soon, thank goodness). (And how many joined weight watchers).
  • Get my folksy shop properly stocked and support it through Facebook and blogging (this blog will be the blog for the shop, although obviously also my own ramblings too, of which there may be many if my procrastination doesn't get in the way...)
  • Keep blogging (see above)
  • Keep crafting (otherwise shop will run out of stock!)
  • Sort out finances.  Yeah, we'll just skate right over that one.  
  • Have a holiday.  Nothing epic (I mean epic holidays of a lifetime are VERY welcome to fall into my lap, but assuming that doesn't happen, and it seems unlikely, then a little break with my people would be wonderful).
  • Learn to crochet.  Make stuff.  
  • Reading resolutions - read 8 books I have been recommended or am ashamed to have never yet read. I won't list them yet, they'll keep for another post.

So, welcome to my blog, enjoy it while it lasts, it has the potential to fall by the wayside fairly quickly.

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