Thursday, 26 January 2012

Making a start

If you recall I set myself MANY new year's resolutions this year.  You can read about them here.  There were the weight loss resolutions.  Going OK, so far.  The folksy shop.  Erm.  The finances. Shhh.  The Reading Resolutions.  Actually I just started reading 1984.  About time too.

And I also vowed to learn crochet.  And I've made a start.

Hahaha.  Yeah, this is NOT my work.  My lovely, lovely friend Bee made this for me for Christmas.  Isn't it beautiful?!  I just love these colours.  She does give me some comfort though, because she taught herself to crochet, with some help from Youtube.  And she started after her birthday in February - so in less than a year she was making things this amazing.  I feel so honoured to have this to snuggle on the sofa with.  So huge Thanks to Bee, for an incredible gift, and inspiration.

I figured out chain stitch, but I was a bit lost after that, I kept trying to double crochet, but it just looked like a knotted mess.  But I was lucky enough to find a "craft jam" held by the Exeter Craft Hub - a beginners' crochet night at The City Gate pub.  I can now just-about-almost double AND triple crochet.  And I decided I would make myself a scarf.  In really chunky wool, with a giant hook - an instant gratification project - a big rectangle in one stitch - triple crochet.  

Here it is - so far.  I've made a start, and although it would take a seasoned crocheter an hour to finish and will take me a week or two, and be lumpy and bumpy and full of faults I am proud of it already.  

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