Saturday, 28 January 2012

Red Letter Day

Today was just lovely.  Days like today are golden.  First of all Mr C slept in till nearly 8am!!  No idea why, but it happened, and we appreciated it.  Then he and Daddy Jimdix went downstairs and let me lie in like a student!

When I finally crawled out of bed we decided to have a family lunch in town.  Apparently there was important football today so we headed to The Bowling Green where we managed to bag a table in front of an open fire with the big screen in clear view for Jimdix.  It has a fairly typical pub menu - which meant sausage, beans and chips for the menfolk.  In my hunt for something diet friendly I went with chicken fajitas.  I'm not sure how healthy a choice that really was (surely better than a burger?) but oh-my-goodness they were delicious.  Absolutely smashing.  Proper lovely.

After we ate, when Mr C began to get rambunctious he and I headed to the park, leaving Jimdix to go "gallabanting" with his friends.  It was a sunny crisp day, perfect for playing outside.  One of our favourite parks is near the Bowling Green, so Mr C had a whale of a time driving the train and sliding, while I played pap with the camera.

Then we met up with my good friend G and baby M, for some hot chocolate and a gossip.  And chubby baby cuddles for me.  She even posed for some pictures.

She was very serious.

But she had lovely smiles, and such chub!

Beautiful girl and her Mama.

Now Mr C was wanting to run off some energy, so we pottered about town, and spent fifteen minutes riding up and down the escalators in JJB Sports.  And you know what, it was a joy!  Riding up and down with this giggling boy, shouting "again, again!"  It was one of those silly magical moments, that you forget about in humdrum adult life until a small person reminds you.

Then we did some food shopping in Tesco.  That was dull, and before we paid Mr C decided he needed a wee, and when a three year old says that it means you abandon your shopping or risk a flood.  And so, after that was dealt with, on a whim we went on a dinner date, just my boy and me, for plates of pasta and chocolate cake.  We never went back for that shopping.

Then home, and bed.  Thankfully the invisible dinosaur was being well behaved tonight, and my sleepy boy went to sleep after his stories and only a small amount of mischief with a "lub-oo" and a kiss.

It was just a perfect day.

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  1. Aww! <3 Sounds like a blissfully happy gentle-family-paced day <3

    And I love that 3rd photo of C! He's so happy in it and it's a really dynamic composition and pose :)

    I have also spent a good half hour going up and down escalators on endless repeat with my girls. <3 The simple joy of it is surprising, and their joy is infectious. I'm pretty sure it was contaminating some of the staff too :)

    Sounds like a sincerely lovely day <3